Jan Fennell, the Dog Listener



"Following Jan Fennell's method allows me to know which of my dog's behaviors to ignore and which to correct. As a result, I

am much more relaxed and happy, and I enjoy my dog more."

--John (Las Vegas, NV)

Jan Fennell

Who is Jan Fennell?
Known internationally as the "Dog Listener," Jan Fennell is the author of five books, including best sellers The Dog Listener and The Practical Dog Listener. In 2001, she also had a BBC television series in which she consulted with desperate dog owners on behavior problems that ranged from annoying to life threatening. Jan currently offers canine communication courses and lectures worldwide.

A lifetime love of dogs first led Jan to question traditional training techniques. No matter how gentle the approach, controlling a dog's actions meant forcing the human will upon the dog and often proved ineffective.

In 1989, after seeing "Horse Whisperer" Monty Roberts in action, the idea of inviting a dog to work with a person using the dog's own language seemed obvious. Monty has developed a method of working with horses called "Join~Up®", in which he gains the horse's cooperation using body language the horse innately understands.

Extensive study of wolves, wild dogs and coyotes helped Jan determine what previously had been missing in her work. With the help of her own dogs and her remarkable gift of understanding the way dogs think, Jan devised Amichien® Bonding - a stress-free, gadget-free, non-confrontational process achievable by anyone with an open mind and respect for dogs. At no time is pain, intimidation or force used in this work, yet it is very effective.

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