New Method Teaches Humans Unspoken
Language of Canines

Holistic system requires kindness and cooperation

Skokie, IL (July 1, 2004) – Amichien® Bonding, a revolutionary way of working with dogs, is now available in the United States. Devised by renowned British author Jan Fennell, who has written five books, including international best sellers The Dog Listener and The Practical Dog Listener, this method is offered by Peaceful Paws, located in the Chicago area. Founder Mary Lynne Doleys, who offers consultations with owners of troublesome dogs, traveled to Fennell’s home in England to study with her and is now certified to provide consultations according to this unique approach.

Going to the wolves?

It is widely known that dogs (canis familiaris) are descendants of wolves (canis lupus). Like their ancestors, domestic dogs follow a strict code of hierarchy. Dogs know from birth that their very survival depends on having strong leaders. Many people unintentionally give their dog mixed signals as to who is in charge, leaving it no choice but to assume the role of leader – regardless of whether the dog is capable of handling the job.

It is self-evident that a dog cannot successfully manage a household. However, when the dog takes on leadership of its “pack” – the family – its reactions to daily events are often considered bad behavior. Because the dog cannot be successful in the leadership role, it becomes stressed, and therefore, its behavior worsens.

Unleash traditional training

Says Doleys, “After leaving traditional training classes, many owners find that their dogs revert to unacceptable behavior and, when this happens, some trainers advocate choke chains, prong collars, and other harsh, even violent, techniques. This frequently causes the dog’s behavior to become even more excessive and/or aggressive.”

While behaviorism is often successful at eliminating a problem behavior, it usually doesn’t deal with the underlying cause. Without addressing the real issue, many dog owners find that a new problem quickly replaces the old one.

No pain, more gain!

Amichien Bonding, on the other hand, teaches owners to use the natural pack behavior and silent “language” of dogs, resulting in a system based on kindness, respect and cooperation. Communicating with dogs in this way is simple and effective, yet involves no pain, no force, and no special gadgets. Once owners become benevolent leaders and begin to communicate clearly in the dogs’ language, most problem behaviors become unnecessary and fall away.

About Mary Lynne Doleys and Peaceful Paws LLC

Doleys has had animal companions in her life since the day she was born. She currently resides in Skokie, Illinois with her certified therapy dog, Pandora. She stumbled upon Fennell’s first book, The Dog Listener, and found it so compelling that she traveled to England to attend a course in canine communication presented by the author.

Doleys then organized a lecture for Fennell in the Chicago area to help spread the word about this non-violent method. In 2004, she completed Fennell’s advanced canine communication course and was the first American to become certified by Fennell to consult with dog owners using her Amichien Bonding method.

The next step was to open Peaceful Paws and begin working as a consultant. Doleys also volunteers at a local shelter and helps rehabilitate rescue dogs – using Amichien Bonding – to assist them in becoming more easily adoptable. “I cannot imagine a more fulfilling occupation than helping to bridge the communication gap between man and his best friend,” says Doleys. “All dogs and owners are unique, but most people have in common the desire for more rewarding relationships with their dogs.”


Mary Lynne Doleys, Owner

Peaceful Paws LLC



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