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Skokie, IL (February 19, 2007) – Mary Lynne Doleys, owner of Peaceful Paws LLC, appeared February 16 as the featured guest on “Paws and Effect”, which airs weekly on VoiceAmerica Internet Radio. The show, which focuses on the mental, emotional, and spiritual effects companion animals and their human families have on one another, is hosted by professional animal behaviorist Rachael Resk.

Amichien® Bonding, a revolutionary way of working with dogs, was the topic of the hour. Devised by renowned British author Jan Fennell, who has written five books, including international best sellers The Dog Listener and The Practical Dog Listener, Amichien Bonding has continued to gain popularity with dog lovers worldwide since its introduction in 2000.

The main focus of the interview was to give dog owners an idea of what Amichien Bonding is, for those unfamiliar with Fennell’s work, and to provide tips on how to begin implementing the process with dogs. Doleys discussed how Amichien Bonding differs from other training methods, employing absolutely no force, violence, or special training equipment, such as choke, prong, or electric collars. It also differs from other methods in that it teaches owners to use the natural pack behavior and silent “language” of canines. Working with dogs in this way is simple and effective; once owners take leadership and begin to communicate clearly with their dogs, most problem behaviors become unnecessary and fade away.

Also covered were the core elements of Amichien Bonding—key occasions when owners must behave as leaders in order to achieve the respect and willing cooperation of their dogs, such as on walks, when many people are literally dragged around by their dogs. This prompted an e-mail question from a listener who wanted help with her dogs that bark and become unruly whenever someone appears at the door. Host Rachael Resk also took the opportunity to ask Doleys for a comparison between Amichien Bonding and the methods employed by popular dog trainer Cesar Millan. Links to the full interview can be found at

About Mary Lynne Doleys and Peaceful Paws LLC

Peaceful Paws Founder Mary Lynne Doleys found Jan Fennell’s first book, The Dog Listener, so compelling that she traveled to England to attend courses in canine communication presented by the author, and was the first American to be certified to provide consultations as a dog listener. She is now one of a select number of consultants Fennell has deemed Recommended Associate Dog Listeners. Doleys travels North America consulting with owners who need help with their dogs' behavior or want to get a new puppy off to a good start.

Doleys has organized two successful lectures and a Foundation Course for Fennell in the Chicago area to help spread the word about this non-violent method. Doleys also consults with local shelters and helps rehabilitate rescue dogs—using Amichien Bonding—to assist them in becoming more easily adoptable. “I cannot imagine a more fulfilling occupation than helping to bridge the communication gap between man and his best friend,” says Doleys. “All dogs and owners are unique, but most people have in common the desire for more rewarding relationships with their dogs.” Doleys currently resides in the Chicago area with her certified therapy dog, Pandora and rescue dog, Sara.


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