Peaceful Paws Sponsors Dog Listener Events
in Chicago

Skokie, IL (March 1, 2006) – Peaceful Paws is proud to announce that Jan Fennell, known internationally as the “Dog Listener”, will be in the Chicago area in May 2006 for a lecture at Northwestern University’s Evanston campus and several other local events. Fennell, author of five books, including international best sellers The Dog Listener and The Practical Dog Listener, will speak about Amichien® Bonding, her nonviolent, no force method of working with dogs. Peaceful Paws founder Mary Lynne Doleys, who works with owners of troublesome dogs nationwide, traveled to Fennell’s home in England to study with her and is certified to provide consultations according to this unique approach.

Jan Fennell, the Dog Listener

A lifetime love of dogs first led Fennell to question traditional training techniques. No matter how gentle the approach, controlling a dog’s actions meant forcing the human will onto the dog. Fennell found these methods often to be ineffective. After seeing Monty Roberts, known to many as the “Horse Whisperer”, in action in 1989, Fennell began to formulate a way of working with dogs – now known as Amichien Bonding – using their own language.

Amichien Bonding

Amichien Bonding is a unique, holistic method of working with dogs based on kindness and cooperation. It is a way of communicating with dogs, using their own instinctive language, that is simple and effective, yet involves no pain, no force and no special equipment. Like wolves, dogs follow a strict code of hierarchy. They know from the time they are born that their very survival depends on having strong leaders. Many people unintentionally give their dogs mixed signals as to who is in charge, leaving the dog no choice but to assume the role of leader. This is where problem behaviors begin.

Amichien Bonding is based on pack behavior and works with a dog’s natural instincts. Utilizing this method, the owner becomes a benevolent leader for the dog, ready and able to protect and look after it at all times. Removing the stress of leadership from the dog allows it to relax and realize that the choices it was making are no longer necessary; thus, most problem behaviors naturally subside.

Chicago area events

Fennell will present a lecture, question and answer session, and book signing on May 3, 2006 at Northwestern University in Evanston. In addition, the author will offer her two-day Foundation Course – for the first time away from her home in England – May 6-7 at Northwestern, and May 9-10 at a location in Chicago. Fennell will also be a guest on WILL Radio’s call-in show on Friday, May 5 at 1:00 p.m. Peaceful Paws is honored to be a sponsor and organizer for Fennell’s Chicago-area events.

About Mary Lynne Doleys and Peaceful Paws LLC

Mary Lynne Doleys, founder of Peaceful Paws LLC, currently resides in Skokie, Illinois with her certified therapy dog, Pandora and rescue dog, Sara. In 2003, she discovered Jan Fennell’s first book, The Dog Listener, and found it so compelling that she traveled to England to attend Fennell’s Foundation Course in canine communication.

In February 2004, Doleys organized a lecture for Fennell in the Chicago area to help spread the word about this unique, non-violent method. She then completed Fennell’s Advanced Course in canine communication and was the first American to become certified by Fennell to consult with dog owners using Amichien Bonding.

The next step was to open Peaceful Paws and begin working as a consultant. Doleys also volunteers at a local shelter and helps rehabilitate rescue dogs – using Amichien Bonding – to assist them in becoming more easily adoptable. “I cannot imagine a more fulfilling occupation than helping to bridge the communication gap between man and his best friend,” says Doleys. “All dogs and owners are unique, but most people have in common the desire for more rewarding relationships with their dogs.”


Mary Lynne Doleys, Owner

Peaceful Paws LLC



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