"I can't believe the difference in my dog! I used to wonder why he didn't 'smile', when all my other dogs have always smiled. Well, now, Cody is smiling!"

--Terri (Lake Bluff, IL)



"Jan's book was awesome, but having you come to the house was icing on the cake! You helped clarify the specifics and tailored a plan to the immediate needs of our dog."

--Jen & Chris (Baltimore, MD)


"Andiamo is calmer, barks less, stays off furniture, and comes into our room only when invited. I am telling everyone I know who has a dog about Mary Lynne!"

--Pamela (Chicago, IL)

About Mary Lynne Doleys and Peaceful Paws

Mary Lynne Doleys' lifelong love for dogs and other animal companions began at birth. Mary Lynne stumbled upon Jan Fennell's first book, The Dog Listener, and found it so compelling that she traveled to England to attend a foundation course in canine communication presented by the author in August, 2003. In March, 2004, Mary Lynne completed Jan's advanced canine communication course and was the first American to be certified by Jan to consult with dog owners using Amichien® Bonding.

The next step was to open Peaceful Paws and begin working as a Dog Listener. Mary Lynne has earned the title Highly Recommended Dog Listener, a designation Jan Fennell has awarded only a small number of associates worldwide. She consults with owners who need help with their dogs' behavior or want to get a new puppy off to a good start. She also works with local shelters and their staff to rehabilitate rescue dogs - using Amichien Bonding - to assist them in becoming more easily adoptable. "I cannot imagine a more fulfilling occupation than helping to bridge the communication gap between man and his best friend," says Mary Lynne. "Each dog and owner are unique, but most people have in common the desire for a more rewarding relationship with their dogs."

Mary Lynne’s primary objectives are to help clients learn to successfully implement Amichien Bonding and improve their relationship with their dogs. More than 18 years of teaching experience assist her in achieving that goal. She also educates as many people as possible in non-violent ways to work with animals by giving presentations on Amichien Bonding to shelter workers, foster caregivers, training clubs, library patrons and others who wish to learn about this method. Mary Lynne has organized three successful talks and foundation courses for Jan Fennell in the Chicago area to help spread the word about this non-confrontational method of working with dogs. Proceeds from lectures are donated to animal-related charities.

In 2007, Mary Lynne was a featured guest on "Paws and Effect", a radio show on VoiceAmerica hosted by behaviorist Rachael Resk. Mary Lynne continues to study non-violent ways to work with animals. In 2005, she completed a course with Monty Roberts, the "Man Who Listens to Horses," and she returns to England whenever possible to assist Jan with courses. In 2008 and 2012, she attended 3-day seminars on wolf behavior and has spent a week at Yellowstone observing wolves and coyotes in their natural environment. Mary Lynne currently resides in a suburb of Chicago.

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