Dundee Library Hosts Program Aug. 16 on How to Communicate with Your Dog

(East Dundee, IL)  --- Learn to use the natural pack behavior and silent language of canines to communicate with your dog at a program called “Becoming Man’s Best Friend” on Saturday, Aug. 16.


Hosted by the Dundee Township Public Library and held at the West Dundee Public Safety Center II, 100 Carrington Avenue, Peaceful Paws founder Mary Lynne Doleys will explain Amichien Bonding, a unique and effective system of working with dogs based on kindness and cooperation.

The training approach was devised by Britain’s Jan Fennell, who is internationally known for her work on dog behavior problems that range from the annoying to the life-threatening. Fennell, a dog trainer and author of several books, adapted the method developed by Monty Roberts (“The Horse Whisperer”) for horses to a way to communicate and understand dogs. Amichien Bonding, a combination of two French words (“ami” or friend, and “chien” or dog)  teaches people to adjust their behavior so that their dog perceives them as the “alpha” dog, or leader of the pack.

Mary Lynne Doleys, founder of Peaceful Paws, LLC, currently resides in Skokie with her certified therapy dog, Pandora, and rescue dog, Sara. In 2003, she discovered Jan Fennell’s first book, The Dog Listener, and found it so compelling that she traveled to England to attend Fennell’s Foundation Course in Canine Communication. She became the first American to become certified by Fennell to consult with dog owners using Amichien Bonding.

The program begins at 2 pm and is free and open to the public. Call 847.428.3661, ext. 308 for reservations.

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